Galen Medics

UpdatedMonday September 24, 2018 byJamie Connors.

MYFL has hired a company called Galen, they are certified EMT's that will be on our sidelines for all home and away games. Galen provides certified EMT's during each game to provide immediate care to players who have been injured. Their EMT's will assess the child's injuries, treat them within their abilities and provide suggestions on whether the child needs to be transported or needs further follow up care. In addition, we elected to purchase the sideline quick test, which is a test they can perform on players that are at risk of a potential concussion.
They will be checking in with coaches pre-game to establish any needs and answer any questions and will respond on-field to any injury time-outs for both teams.
We're really excited to partner with them, they are a family owned and operated business. Here is a link to their website if your curious about reading more about it: